Route Surveys

Sometimes a straight line is not the shortest path from point A to point B. In fact, when it comes to route surveying…a straight line is almost never the answer.

Route Surveys

One of the most challenging and rewarding areas for Field Surveyors is route surveying. Route surveys are conducted to collect field data prior to the design of linear pathways for water, gas and electric utilities as well as other “linear” projects such as roadways, walkways, and railroads.

But as mentioned, linear does not always mean straight. Route surveyors must navigate along existing properties, within easements, inside roadways and around physical structures. But the team at Cannon & Cannon loves a challenge!

With quick response field teams capable of providing Route Surveying Services throughout Tennessee and Kentucky, the Professional Field Surveyors at Cannon & Cannon combine ingenuity and experience to solve even the most complex Route Survey challenges.

We start by establishing straight lines of communication with landowners, utility representatives, Federal, State and Local government agencies. We study site, land and utility maps to establish the location of existing utilities and pertinent site features to determine horizontal and vertical control routes along the proposed corridor. Upon completion of the route survey, custom drawings are prepared and distributed to the client and/or design Engineers.

The result is a safe, efficient…intelligent path from A to B.

Cannon & Cannon would welcome opening a new line of communication with you and help you plan for your next linear project. Contact Bob Lusby, our Director of Field Surveying, today and we’ll be happy to show you our complete portfolio of route survey projects.


  • Coordinate with Owner and/or Utility Representative
  • Request Utility Locations and/or Mapping
  • Establish Horizontal/Vertical Control Along Route Corridor
  • Prepare Survey as Appropriate to Scope
  • Prepare Survey Drawings
  • Conduct Field & Office Review
  • Distribute Survey for Design