Construction Layout

What is construction layout? In the most basic sense construction layout is the “roadmap on the ground” contractors rely on when constructing a new project.

And yet, capturing all of the information stored in an Architect or Engineer’s drawing and transferring clear and accurate road alignments, utility lines, structures, etc. is much more complex than just that. In fact creating an accurate and intuitive Construction Layout Plan may be the most important step in insuring a successful construction project.

Construction Layout

The experienced Field Surveyors at Cannon & Cannon combine decades of experience with state of the art survey equipment to make sure every project gets started off on the right foot, yard and inch!

Cannon & Cannon is ready to provide complete construction layout services to our clients throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.

We evaluate construction plans and digital CAD files and develop a staking approach at the outset of each project. Once in the field, our experienced and knowledgeable team of Surveyors coordinates with the owner and/or site representative during the course of the project.

Getting the construction layout right the first time is what we do best. We have done it for many years and we would love to do it for you.


  • Coordinate with Owner/Contractor
  • Request Construction Plans/CAD Files
  • Prepare Takeoff/Field Staking Plan
  • Perform Planned/On-Call Staking Services