Northeast Knoxville Utility District Water Treatment Plant Improvements

This project is a great example of Cannon & Cannon’s ability to solve the needs of a client and also find funding sources to get the job done. CCI provided Design & Construction Administration Services for the Northeast Knox Utility District (NEKUD) Water Treatment Plant Improvements project in Knoxville, TN

Specifically, Cannon & Cannon designed a new, one million gallon pre-stressed concrete, clearwell storage tank and a new raw water vertical turbine pump at the existing water intake rated at 3,000 gallons per minute. In addition, our engineers designed a high service pump station with a firm capacity of 4,800 gpm including three new high service vertical turbine pumps rated at 2,400 gpm and a new backwash vertical turbine pump rated at 3,500 gpm.

The project required strict attention to existing conditions and continued operations of the water treatment facility. Due diligence was paramount as the new one million gallon clearwell was constructed within 30 feet of an existing 0.5 million gallon clearwell. Likewise, the new HSPS was constructed only 10’ away from the foundation of the existing sedimentation basin; the HSPS excavation was over 25’ deep.

Design services began in August 2011. The project was bid and awarded in September 2012. CCI managed the construction administration and provided resident project representative (RPR) services for the construction of the project. Construction was complete in October 2013. The total cost of construction was $2,341,472 (including only $5,472 in change orders).

As evidence of CCI’s ability to assist partner Public Utility agencies with funding, CCICCI aided the client in applying for a Clean Tennessee Energy Grant on behalf of NEKUD. This project was ultimately awarded a $150,000 grant to apply toward the purchase of high efficiency pumps with VFDs.

CCI coordinated with the funding agency, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Office of Sustainable Practices, throughout construction to ensure timely submittals of progress reports and reimbursement requests on behalf of the client.