Harriman Utility Board Water Loss

Harriman Utility Board (HUB) is experiencing high levels of water loss in their system and has hired Cannon & Cannon (CCI) to provide Engineering Services and Program Management to work to reduce their water loss. This program started in 2011 and will continue for several years.

CCI has acted as an extension of HUB’s staff and has organized and led periodic program meetings with HUB’s stakeholders. Stakeholders range from field and construction personnel to customer service personnel that handle billing for HUB.

Cannon & Cannon is working with HUB to identify the sources of water loss. Potential sources include real water loss that may come from actual leaks, meter malfunctions in the system and apparent water loss that may occur from errors in billing or meter reading.

As part of the Program CCI has also led efforts in calibrating HUB’s master meter at their water treatment plant, testing large meters in the distribution system, leak detection studies, SCADA installation at all of their pump stations and storage tanks, leak surveys, water service line replacements and water main replacements.

Another major component of the program is developing a water model for HUB’s distribution system. The water model was developed, calibrated and used to aid in determining where there may be significant water loss in HUB’s system. The model will also be used for capital improvement planning and evaluating new service requests.

This project utilizes State Revolving Loan Funds (SRF) totaling $1.8 million.