Safe, dependable water utilities are the life-blood of communities. In fact, the delivery of water useable for drinking, washing and irrigation may be the most important public service organized civilizations provide.

With its unique and variable set of properties, water regulates Earth’s climate, transports nutrients, conveys people and products, and creates a biosphere for countless organisms. All of this, plus much more, from the combination of two simple elements: oxygen and hydrogen.


Understanding and respecting the value of water is important to Cannon & Cannon. Our personal and practical experience planning, designing, operating, and maintaining water systems serves both as an asset and a responsibility.

The Consulting Engineers and Field Surveyors at Cannon & Cannon are proud to work at the forefront of ecologically responsible water utility solutions. Solutions we routinely deliver to clients in communities large and small across East, West and Middle Tennessee as well as Western and Southern Kentucky.

Our water utility experts specialize in System Master Planning & Mapping, Dynamic Hydraulic Modeling and Water Loss Investigation and Study. With decades of experience, our water solution project history includes multiple examples of Distribution & Transmission Design, Booster Pump & Storage Tank Design and Remote SCADA System Design.

As a full service Consulting Engineering firm, Cannon & Cannon provides clients with complete Construction Management & Inspection Services and offers guidance on Rate Analysis and Operational Policies & Procedures.

Understanding the relationship between people and water is a primary focus at Cannon & Cannon. Why? Because at the end of the day…water is life.


  • System Master Planning
  • System Mapping & GIS
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Water Quality Modeling
  • Water Loss Reduction
  • Distribution & Transmission Main Design
  • Treatment Facility Design
  • Booster Pump Station Design
  • Storage Tank Design
  • SCADA System Design
  • Construction Management and Inspection Services
  • Financial Evaluation & Rate Analysis
  • Operational Policies & Procedures