In nature…bedrock, soil and naturally occurring bacteria remove impurities from wastewater and sewage, returning clean, filtered water to the ecosystem. Public infrastructure including wastewater treatment plants use physical, biological and chemical processes to enhance this natural process of wastewater treatment and speed it up to treat larger volumes of wastewater in a shorter period of time.


As population and industry grow in communities large and small across Tennessee, Kentucky and throughout the Southeastern United States, municipal wastewater treatment plants have served to protect the health of the general population by insuring that our abundant water sources remain clean.

Today, the public utility experts of Cannon & Cannon’s dedicated team of Water and Wastewater Engineers design modern treatment systems that remove the impurities contained in wastewater and safely discharge it back into the environment.

Cannon & Cannon’s knowledgeable team of Consulting Engineers and Field Surveyors are capable of managing any type of wastewater project. We staff full time offices in Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee as well as Bowling Green, Kentucky.

We’d love to hear more about your wastewater design challenges and show you our complete portfolio of project solutions. If you’d like to contact Cannon & Cannon, just click the pic to the right and connect with Tim Tucker today.


  • Wastewater System Master Planning
  • 201 Facilities Planning
  • Sewer Modeling
  • CMOM Assistance
  • SSES Studies
  • Flow Monitoring Studies
  • Environmental Compliance Evaluations
  • Constrution Management & Inspection Services
  • Operational Policies & Procedure
  • Odor Control
  • Mapping & GIS
  • Sewer Rehabilitation Design
  • Lift Station Design
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
  • Onsite Treatment Design
  • Low-Pressure System Design
  • SCADA System Design
  • Pretreatment Planning, Permitting & Assistance
  • Financial Evaluation & Rate Analysis