Maynardville Highway Gas Line Replacement

KUB needed to replace approximately 9,300 linear feet and install 3,000 linear feet of new cast iron gas pipe along Maynardville Highway and Emory Road in the center of a heavily traveled commercial district.

KUB hired Cannon & Cannon (CCI) to develop construction documents to replace approximately 7,300 linear feet of 8” MDPE gas line; 1,900 linear feet of 12” MDPE gas line; 1,500 linear feet of 4” MDPE gas; and 1,400 linear feet of 2” MDPE gas line.

The project corridor has a high volume of traffic along Maynardville Pike and Emory Road and included numerous other utilities that required significant coordination. Cannon & Cannon worked hard to insure the route selected for the new gas line did not interfere with sewer, water, or telephone lines and also stayed a safe distance from the existing 6” cast iron gas line to avoid causing leaks during construction.

The project included 2 creek crossings and a wetland crossing that required an ARAP permit and all proposed gas lines crossing Maynardville Pike and Emory Road required directional bores.

To mitigate traffic congestion during construction, CCI developed traffic control plans for the project in order to minimize disruption in the area.