Natural Gas

Formed from many years of geologic pressure and chemical biology, natural gas remains one of the most reliable, available and affordable ways to heat our homes, cook our food and generate the electricity our planet demands.

Natural Gas

Nearly every home and business in America relies on the safe, reliable delivery of hydrocarbon natural gas. It is indeed a human imperative and the trusted delivery of this critical fossil fuel is a responsibility Cannon & Cannon treats with great respect.

Municipal and Cooperative Utilities, large and small, rely on Cannon & Cannon for safe delivery of this essential energy source.

Cannon & Cannon’s knowledgeable team of Consulting Engineers and Field Surveyors are capable of managing all types of gas utility projects. We have staff full time in Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee, as well as our Bowling Green, Kentucky office.

For a complete portfolio of our gas utility projects, please contact our Director of Utilities, Tim Tucker. He’s easy to contact, just click his picture on the right.


  • Transmission & Distribution System Design
  • Construction Management & Inspection Services
  • Road Relocation Projects
  • Bridge & Stream Crossings
  • Metering Stations
  • Rate Studies