Street Lighting

The concept of street lighting is simple. Place a light fixture near a dark area, connect it to a power source and turn it on. Simple.

street lighting

Yet the science of street lighting is a bit more complex. Anyone who’s ever lived next to a neighbor with too many motion-detecting floodlights understands this.

Where does the balance lie between too dark and too bright? That is the challenge the experienced Engineers at Cannon & Cannon tackle every day.

Well-lit streets, parking lots, greenways and public spaces provide numerous positive effects. Drivers feel more confident and secure when they see well and, as a result, streets are safer. Greenways are more inviting and therefore used more often when bikers, walkers and runners can access them later into the evening…particularly during the fall. Lighted parking lots deter crime and make people feel safer.

All of these positive factors make street lighting a public imperative, but just like that neighbor who lights up the entire subdivision at all hours of the night, street light placement needs to be thoughtfully considered and strategically engineered. A balance must be struck between the needs of commercial development and residential privacy, between people and nature and between urban places and rural spaces.

The Consulting Engineers on Cannon & Cannon’s street lighting team know exactly how to strike that balance. They have decades of experience designing lighting solutions for roadway and greenway facilities, parking lots and pedestrian walkways as well as residential, commercial and industrial site design.

For a complete review of our beautiful street lighting portfolio contact Rebecca Bottoms. You can reach her directly just by clicking on her picture to the right of this page.


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