Signalization / I.T.S.

Traffic signals have a horrible reputation.

Transportation and Traffic

For most people, traffic signals are the enemy of time. Mechanical traffic cops, silently sitting sentinel…only there to make us late. And while it may get more attention from the press in Knoxville, Nashville or Memphis, we all know that this reputation is not limited by a community’s size regardless of where you are in the Southeast.

Of course we don’t ever count the number of green lights we pass through. Most of us barely notice the minutes shaved off our commute every year and even fewer will ever consider the techniques Traffic Engineers use to determine right-of-way, pedestrian walk times or traffic signal timing.

It’s true, traffic signals get a bad rap.

But the Consulting Engineering experts of Cannon & Cannon’s Signalization Team don’t take it personally. They know they are doing their best work when nobody notices what they do.

With teams covering Tennessee and Southern Kentucky the traffic signal experts at Cannon & Cannon utilize cutting edge technology to deploy Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) including video, microwave and infrared sensors capable of detecting approaching vehicles and adjusting timing patterns based on real time traffic and pedestrian needs.

Our team offers complete signalization evaluation services including comprehensive signal studies and design and has the knowledge and expertise necessary to evaluate complex signal timing and design signal systems that work.

Traffic signals may have a bad reputation, but Cannon & Cannon works hard every day to make sure they have no reputation at all.


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