Melton Lake Greenway

The Melton Lake Greenway borders a diverse ecological environment. Alive with abundant wildlife along its 3,000’ length, the multi-use trail features lake front access, forested terrain and multiple wetland areas.

Providing full service for a successful project, Cannon & Cannon began with topographic and boundary survey along the entire route.

Following the initial field survey work, CCI developed design and construction documents and provided Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) for the Melton Lake Greenway Trail.

The project included a vehicular parking area and recreational/leisure access nodes. Notable features of the 10’ wide multi-use trail include interfacing with an existing mountain bike trail system, a special interest area development, an alternative trail surfacing, an indigenous planting plan and an observation pier along Melton Lake.

Process and Design plans adhered to TDOT Enhancement Fund criteria including preparing and facilitating mandatory public meeting and review/approval requirements.

Cannon & Cannon handled the preparation and submittal of all required permits including TVA 26-A, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Aquatic Resource Alternation Plan (ARAP). Coordinating the appropriate management of the permitting process was critical to the project’s success.