Municipal Services

Cannon & Cannon has developed long term relationships with municipal agencies in cities and towns throughout the Southeastern United States. We see these relationships as partnerships more than business arrangements.

Transportation and Traffic

Cannon & Cannon provides continuing Engineering Services on an as-needed on-call basis. We are also available to provide Local Program Management and Assistance and can provide support identifying potential project funding sources. Over the last few years, we have added significant internal resources to assistant municipal agencies with grant identification, writing and submission.

Projects have included traffic signal studies, design, and system timing; intersection safety studies and functional plans; as well as design and construction phase services associated with grant-participating industrial site improvement and access roadway projects.

Foundationally, Cannon & Cannon is a public service firm. Like our municipal and other public entity clients, we are dedicated to serving the communities where we work. Rather than work for our clients, we walk alongside our clients serving as an extension of staff through helping with grant applications, resource education, design development, public meeting facilitation or construction phase services.

If you’d like to see a complete portfolio of our municipal service projects and learn more about the wide variety of services Cannon & Cannon can provide, we hope you will contact Alan Childers or Paul Beebe today. They can be reached directly just by clicking on their contact photos to the right of this page.


  • On-Call Engineering Services
  • Local Programs Management/Assistance
  • Source Funding/Grant Writing Assistance