Del Conca USA Tile Plant

Cannon & Cannon, Inc. (CCI) was the Civil Engineer for the design-build of the 300,000 SF Del Conca Tile Plant in Loudon, Tennessee. CCI’s involvement in the project began early in the site selection process. CCI worked closely with the Loudon County Economic Development Agency (LCEDA) in developing conceptual layout and grading plans for use by the LCEDA in marketing the site to Del Conca and for applying and securing TN Fast Track and TDOT State Industrial Access (SIA) funding to assist with construction costs. In a nutshell, CCI designed the site in its entirety from concept to completion and split it into design packages as needed to minimize capital costs to the local municipality and the overall client, Del Conca.

After final selection of the site by Del Conca, CCI designed an initial site preparation package for the site. This “rough grading” package was bid as a Fast Track project and funded in part by a State of Tennessee Economic Development Grant. CCI developed the plans and specifications for Loudon County, performed construction inspection and administration during construction and assisted Loudon County with the administrative tasks associated with meeting the State of Tennessee Grant requirements.

CCI also designed the plant entrance as a public road improvement funded by the TDOT SIA program. The road was designed to meet TDOT Guidelines and with final site design constraints and elevations taken into consideration. The SIA package was additionally complicated with the proximity of several Norfolk Southern rail spurs, a natural gas pipeline crossing and the inclusion of utility improvements for the plant which required phasing into the construction schedule. The SIA package was bid and constructed by TDOT.

The Design-Build Team of CCI and Blaine Construction worked closely together on the Del Conca Tile Plant roadway and parking improvements. The finished grading and drainage provided for controlled access to the plant facilities, storage for raw materials and finished product, and parking and pedestrian improvements. The plant employs approximately 100 people with 3 shifts, with planned future improvements to employ up to 175.

The design-build team completed the project from concept to completion in 15 months.