Flood Studies & HEC/RAS Modeling

As communities grow, there is the ever-present reality that areas which had never seen floodwaters before, could be impacted by this powerful force of nature. In the midst of assessing the potential risk along a given waterway, an acronym comes to the forefront for both public officials and Consulting Engineers: the HEC-RAS analysis.

HEC-RAS studies allow Engineers to calculate the flood risk created by new construction projects and provide design solutions that mitigate that risk.

flood studies

First developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, HEC-RAS studies allow the Consulting Engineering and Field Surveying experts at Cannon & Cannon to model the potential impacts of new construction adjoin specified waterways.

Cannon & Cannon has performed HEC-RAS modeling for numerous private developers and local governments. This modeling has helped in determining the extent of potential impacts to FEMA-studied watersheds thus allowing for designs conforming with a community’s Federal Flood Insurance Program and which minimally impact stream flows.

Cannon & Cannon provides Field Surveying, Hydraulic Analysis, preparation of a No-Rise Certification Packages, Stormwater Quality Permitting, FEMA Letter of Map Revisions and Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Plan. But it does not stop there; we are also fully equipped to provide Construction Inspection Services on any project we oversee.

Cannon & Cannon has a thorough resume of stormwater modeling projects covering the states of Tennessee and Kentucky. If you’d like to see a complete portfolio of Cannon & Cannon’s HEC-RAS solutions, just click the pic to the right of this page. Let Jeff Beckett and his expert team tell you more about what we can do for you.


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