Detention & Drainage Services

There is a good reason water is referred to as the “universal solvent”.

No other force in nature is equally as capable of supporting life as it is destroying it. The entire purpose of Cannon & Cannon’s Drainage and Detention Team is to maximize the value of stormwater and at the same time minimize its ability to tear apart everything we’ve designed.

Detention & Drainage

Nowhere is this give/take dynamic of rainwater more prevalent than within the ecosystems of Tennessee, Kentucky, and the entire Southeastern United States. The Engineers at Cannon & Cannon are keenly aware of this dynamic because we live here too. Often the detention and drainage solutions we design lie adjacent to the rivers, lakes and streams in which we fish, camp and hike with our families.

Often, as in recent history, rain falls in abundant quantities and stretches the demands of water detention to maximum capacity. Other times, consecutive dry seasons pile up year after year, putting extreme pressure on our delicate watershed and increasing the importance of thoughtful stormwater management.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the design of state of the art green infrastructure technology including advanced use of pervious pavements, bio-retention swales, smart roadway culvert design and storm sewer master planning.

The Consulting Engineers and Field Surveyors at Cannon & Cannon take great pride in developing custom design solutions that maximize stormwater retention and repurposes captured water for secondary use, often providing low-cost irrigation solutions to the same property we are designing.

For a complete catalogue of our detention and drainage projects, just click the pic to the right. Let Jeff Beckett show you how Cannon & Cannon can create custom stormwater solutions for you.


  • Green Infrastructure/Pervious Pavements
  • Bio-Retention Swales
  • Storm Sewer Master Planning
  • Roadway Culvert Design