Municipal & Government

Municipal and Government Site Development Projects range widely in scale and diversity. Dog parks, river walks, splash pads, skate parks, recreational centers, nature centers, parking garages and greenways are all examples of the kind of projects the expert Consulting Engineers at Cannon & Cannon tackle every day.


Our Site Development Team genuinely enjoys these jobs! Not only are they fun for us to dream up, they also create great internal pride. We know our work will directly contribute to the quality of life in a community.

Our conversations usually start from an “end-user’s” perspective, which makes sense since our team will often work on projects they ultimately will use themselves. We have decades of combined experience designing public use spaces. We’ve seen first-hand projects that work and those that fall short of expectation and use our experience to improve the concept of public use and our own site development solutions.

The Site Development Team at Cannon & Cannon provides complete solutions from start to finish. Comprehensive Project Management includes Construction Administration, Surveying, Site Layout, Grading and Storm Sewer/Detention Systems and Utilities Design.

With a focus on ease of access we provide creative Pedestrian Pathway and Connectivity Design, ADA Accessibility and provide Traffic Use Studies, Right-of-Way and Entrance Improvements and plans for Acceleration and Deceleration lanes when needed.

What kind of project are you dreaming up? We’d love to help you turn it into reality!


  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Right of Way/Entrance Improvements
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Lanes
  • Site Layout
  • Grading & Storm Sewer/Detention Design
  • Utilities Design
  • Pedestrian Pathway/Connectivity Design
  • ADA Accessibility