Low Impact Parking – Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church

Cannon & Cannon is proud to be working at the forefront of new sustainable and low impact design solutions and this project is a great example of the use of green materials and methods.

The project consisted of the design and construction of additional and overflow parking for Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church. Cannon & Cannon designed the new overflow parking area to employ a vegetated parking surface using the Presto GeoBlock paver system covering most of the 1.5 acre lot.

Prior to the redesign, the stormwater was conveyed off-site by a series of culverts and vegetated swales. Stormwater flooding of adjacent properties and streets was common due to limited downstream capacity. The site design incorporated a retention pond allowing for the removal of 80% TSS. The retention pond was designed to accommodate the developed conditions runoff, but also to improve the existing issues associated with stormwater conveyance off-site.

The site design also included the construction of a groundwater well and pump station to provide irrigation for the new vegetated parking surface as well as the existing church baseball diamond and associated landscaping.