Low Impact & Sustainable Design

Rain gardens. Vegetated rooftops. Permeable pavements.

Today these features are more than just newsworthy talking points. They are ecologically responsible imperatives. In fact, they are required design elements in modern development and revitalization.


Our Site Development experts at Cannon & Cannon are proud to work at the forefront of these ecologically responsible and sustainable solutions. Solutions we routinely deliver to clients in cities, towns and rural communities throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.

By preserving or recreating natural landscape features, Low Impact Design (LID) solutions create functional and appealing site plans that treat stormwater as a resource…not a just waste product.

Many of these features are eligible to receive full LEED certification for the use of sustainable construction techniques, materials and environmentally responsible use, re-use and recycling of water, wastewater and biologic waste.

Existing detention and retention basins are converted into micro-pools and bio-retention ponds begin to revitalize native habitat. A site that once housed hazardous substances is redeveloped to provide a more beneficial use to the community and begins to work at improving the environment.

These are excellent illustrations of how developments are merging with ecology rather than replacing it. Are you thinking about beginning a new low-impact or sustainable project? Give Jason Hunt a call. Let us share some of our experience with you and show you some of our work.


  • Stormwater Quantity/Quality Design
  • Stormwater Collection & Reuse
  • Cluster Development Design
  • Pervious Pavement – “Green” Infrastructure