Churches & Schools

At Cannon & Cannon, every project we accept is given the highest level of care and consideration. When given the opportunity to conduct site design for churches and schools we add a heightened degree of scrutiny, care and craftsmanship.

Site Development Church

Church and school sites often have unusual use requirements. Irregular operational hours mean large groups of people arrive and depart at the same time…placing unusual demands on the site itself and adding pressure to adjoining roadways.

The addition of children adds an extra layer of complexity to a site design of this type. Church and school sites are often split into multiple structures requiring extra scrutiny on pedestrian pathways, building connectivity and ADA accessibility.

With a watchful eye toward safety, Cannon & Cannon studies right-of-way and entrance improvements to protect young people from unnecessary risk. Acceleration and deceleration lanes are often included to further reduce risk when appropriate.

Experience makes a huge difference when planning a new church or school project and the Consulting Engineers at Cannon & Cannon have decades of experience designing safe places for people of all ages to congregate.

If you click the picture on the right, you can reach out to Jason Hunt. Contact Jason today and he’d be more than happy to show you examples of Cannon & Cannon’s extensive resume of Site Development Projects.


  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Right of Way/Entrance Improvements
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Lanes
  • Site Layout
  • Grading & Storm Sewer/Detention Design
  • Utilities Design
  • Pedestrian Pathway/Connectivity Design
  • ADA Accessibility