Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys allow two-dimensional drawings to depict three-dimensional spaces. These surveys are most commonly used in the planning stages of projects to help design the layout and location of buildings, roads, utility lines and landscaping elements. Any project with critical elevation changes requires, and benefits from, an accurate topographic survey.


The experienced team of professional Surveyors at Cannon & Cannon acts as the eyes of our Consulting Engineering team for projects throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. They locate natural and man-made features that help define the three-dimensional shape, configuration and relief of a project site.

Cannon & Cannon uses state of the art measuring equipment on the ground and often adds custom aerial mapping to capture as much data as possible. Cannon & Cannon’s Surveyors walk the subject property and develop a survey plan, establish a control network for measurement and then conduct a complete field survey.

Survey drawings are prepared and then reviewed both internally and in the field before presenting to our clients or being utilized by our engineering groups.

Bob Lusby is Cannon & Cannon’s Director of Field Surveying. He’s the guy who’s picture you can see on the right of this page…he also flies the plane that takes aerial photographs of many of the sites prior to surveying. How’s that for custom service? Want to learn more about our topographic survey capabilities? Just click Bob’s pic to reach him directly.


  • Coordinate with Owner and/or Representative
  • Walk Property & Develop Survey Plan
  • Establish Local Control Network
  • Conduct Field Survey
  • Prepare Survey Drawings
  • Conduct Field & Office Review
  • Present Drawings to Client