Boundary Surveys

A complete boundary survey is a critical first step in any development or real estate purchase. Just think of it this way…do you know where the property lines are located at your home or business?

Over time…property lines often become blurry. Even after boundary surveys are conducted, corner stakes get moved, neighbors install fences, walls and other artificial boundaries…each blurring the actual line of the property. Understanding where property lines are located is important to homeowners, but it is absolutely essential to business owners and commercial property developers where small mistakes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

So how do you know for certain where your property lines are located? You know because you’ve hired professional boundary Surveyors from Cannon & Cannon.

Boundary Surveys

Our expert team of experienced Field Surveyors utilizes state of the art equipment and techniques to deliver accurate boundary surveys to our clients in Tennessee and Kentucky.

We start by coordinating with the property owner or representative and conduct extensive research on the subject and adjoining properties. Our pre-survey research also includes electric, gas and water utility due diligence.

Once research and field-work are complete, we reconcile the evidence and prepare a boundary survey drawing, set or replace corner monuments and present the survey to our client.

If you’d like to learn more about our portfolio of boundary survey projects, we encourage you to contact our Director of Field Survey, Bob Lusby, today. Just click the pic to the right to find out more.


  • Coordinate With Owner and/or Representative
  • Research Subject & Adjoining Properties
  • Perform Utility Due Diligence
  • Conduct Field & Office Review
  • Reconcile Evidence
  • Prepare Appropriate Survey Drawings
  • Present Drawings to Client