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Environmental contamination and other legacy environmental issues, especially those that are not visibly obvious, can create significant financial liabilities for anyone interested in purchasing real property. Environmental due diligence is a systematic process used to evaluate real properties for potential releases of hazardous substances and petroleum products that could result in contamination of soil and/or groundwater, pose a significant risk to people living or working in structures on the property, and possibly subject the purchaser to environmental liabilities related to required contamination cleanup or third-party claims. Also, fully understanding the potential liabilities associated with all assets is a critical step in the environmental due diligence process for a merger or acquisition. Cannon & Cannon’s team of Environmental Professionals have wide-ranging experience with real property transactions from small, local property purchases to mergers/acquisitions in commercial and industrial business sectors involving hundreds of individual properties. Our team has the experience and skillset to help protect your real estate investment.

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