Civil Site

Anchoring our communities are buildings for worship and education, recreational fields, and parks all offering something substantial to pour into the nearby lives offering respite, guidance, and a future. Dotted along graph lines are businesses and municipal buildings providing employment and catering to the many, diverse needs of the area.  All of this, a result of site development.

Cannon & Cannon provides complete Site Development Services to clients in large municipalities and small communities.

Our experienced team of professionals specializes in efficient and effective Site Development Plans for all types of markets.

In addition, CCI has a complete portfolio of these types of projects as well as Low Impact and Sustainable Design Sites, Pedestrian Facilities including Greenways and Bike Paths as well as Municipal and Government projects such as Parking Facilities, Dog Parks, Splash Pads and River Walks.

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Civil Site Services

Detention & Drainage
Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Design
Site Utilities
Flood Studies
Permitting | Regulatory Agency Coordination

Featured Projects