University of TennesseeJohn Tickle Engineering Building

University of Tennessee
John Tickle Engineering Building

University of Tennessee
John Tickle Engineering Building

The John Tickle Building was designed to house the Department of Civil  and Environmental Engineering as well as the Department of Industrial and Information Engineering at the University of Tennessee. 

Located on Neyland Drive behind the Pasqua Engineering Building, the engineering building is a five-story, 110,000 sf building. The new building will house the laboratories of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering which were previously in different buildings on and off campus. A pedestrian bridge was designed to connect the building to the main campus and the “Hill” which offers pedestrian access for students and faculty.

CCI prepared the layout and grading plans for the construction of the facility. The project site required the demolition of existing facilities, parking and utilities as well as removal of unsuitable soils from previous construction activities. 

Special consideration was given for protection of Second Creek, which was adjacent to the project site, as well as pedestrian traffic flow around the project site during construction. The project was built while maintaining access to adjacent parking and classroom facilities.


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