SR 162 Hardin Valley Interchange

SR 162 Hardin Valley Interchange

SR 162 Hardin Valley Interchange

The State Route 162 at Hardin Valley Road Interchange was selected for improvement by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) under the State’s Ramp Queue Program. Cannon & Cannon was retained to provide design services for this effort.

Two signalized intersections on Hardin Valley Road create congestion issues along State Route 162, where the queuing extends to the Lovell Road interchange. Other challenges are the short on and off-ramp acceleration and deceleration lanes, which resulted in 223 accidents in a four-year period.

Design efforts included the proposed northbound on-ramp to SR 162 and the method to add an additional lane to westbound Hardin Valley Road under the SR 162 overpass. The following is a listing of improvements that are being included in this project:

• Lengthen acceleration and deceleration lanes
• Install a retaining wall to protect a greenway and widen under State Route 162 bridge along the concrete bridge slope
• Construct additional lanes on Hardin Valley Road, and both the State Route 162 on/off-ramps
• Construct a new north bound on-ramp
• Maintaining traffic control while under construction required creative challenges
• Reconstruct and update two traffic signals


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