Cedar Springs Presbyterian ChurchLow Impact Parking Improvements

Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church
Low Impact Parking Improvements

Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church
Low Impact Parking Improvements

The project consisted of the design and construction of additional and overflow parking for Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church. The additional parking consisted of asphalt parking with curb. Overflow parking design consisted of a 1.5 acre vegetated parking surface using in Presto GeoBlock paver system. The previous site stormwater was conveyed off-site by a series of culverts and vegetated swales. Stormwater flooding of adjacent properties and streets was common due to limited downstream capacity. The site design elements included:

  • Incorporating a retention pond, designed for removal of 80% TSS.
  • The retention pond was designed to accommodate both the developed conditions runoff, but also to improve the existing issues associated with stormwater conveyance off-site.
  •  The site design also included the construction of a groundwater well and pump station to provide irrigation for the new vegetated parking surface as well as the existing church ballfield and landscaping.

Knoxville, TN




1.5 acre




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Cannon & Cannon, Inc. is reliable, thorough and thinks from the Owner’s perspective. Your team of professionals goes the distance to ensure that the project is completed to that of the Client’s needs. I highly recommend CCI to perform professional engineering services as well as field surveying services.

George C. Wallace CSPC Deacon | Chair of Long Range Planning Team | Chair of Construction Project Team

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