Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Millie and I am a dog. I am the Cannon’s newest addition to the family. Lila, a Black Labrador, was my predecessor but she passed away in 2016 from cancer. She was CCI’s first mascot, so I have BIG shoes to fill, since everyone seemed to love her very much.

So, back to me. I am a Black Goldendoodle. Yes, I know….how can I be a black goldendoodle….I get that all the time. Shouldn’t a goldendoodle be ‘golden’? Well, I actually get my coloring from my mom’s side of the family and she was a standard poodle. So goldendoodles come in many colors, not just golden. In my litter I had brothers and sisters who were black, brown, red (he was nicknamed Bacon, hehe), and various shades of apricot. I was the smallest of my litter. I guess some folks use the word runt but I don’t like that word very much so I will just say I am petite compared to my brothers and sisters. I weigh about 45 pounds but my dad and some of my brothers and sisters weigh closer to 90 pounds! They are NOT petite! But I am just the right size to be the office dog.

Did you know that most Doodles don’t shed or have dander? Luckily for me, I am one of those so I don’t bother anyone’s allergies too much. I am actually ¾ Poodle and ¼ Golden Retriever. That means I got most of my traits from my poodle side so I am curlier than a Golden Retriever. I am more than just a dog. I can’t talk but I can do so many other things, just like humans! I am not sure I can type like Lila did, but I will work on that. I shake hands, beg for treats, scratch, play fetch, follow employees in the kitchen (hoping they will feed me), and give my humans ‘sad eyes’ so they will take me outside to play and do my business.

I was born January 2017 and started coming to work with mom and dad when I was 2 months old. I come to work a few times a week and just love the attention and treats everyone gives me! When I am not running around the office, I sleep in mom’s office (or maybe my best friend John’s office) Since I have very curly fur that grows like hair, mom and dad have to cut it every few months. I LOVE SPA DAY!!! It is the best. Miss Erica from Grooming Gal ( comes to the office and brings her big Spa truck and makes me smell real pretty. Everyone here at Cannon really loves it when I get groomed!

Well, that’s all for now. I will write more later about life at Cannon & Cannon.

P.S.  To celebrate my introduction to #dogtag on Cannon’s website, I had a photo-shoot the other day right after I was groomed. I want to show everyone my long eyelashes and how cute I am!