About Us

Knoxville OfficeCannon & Cannon, Inc. is a full-service Consulting Engineering and Field Surveying company, with a talented, experienced and award winning team of imaginative thinkers who collaborate across six distinct professional practice “groups.”

These groups include: Utilities, Transportation & Traffic, Site Development, Field Surveying, Stormwater & Environmental and Construction Phase Services.

Put simply, our products and services interact with hundreds of thousands of people every day and provide Tennessee and Kentucky residents with the clean water they drink, the safe roads they travel on to work, church and school as well as the heat and electricity they come home to at night.

Our staff, many considered leading experts in their industry, innovate by staying on the leading edge of new environmentally safe solutions to everyday engineering challenges. Our team is actively involved in new technology including smart stormwater solutions and the exciting introduction of Intelligent Traffic Systems (I.T.S.) that will revolutionize the speed and safety by which we travel our roadways and interstates.

Our marketing strategy has always been about long-term relationships. We are known for taking difficult design projects and coming up with creative solutions – thinking ‘outside the box.’ We attract new clients in this way and keep long-term relationships by strictly adhering to our principle of providing quality services at a reasonable price.

Cannon & Cannon, Inc.